Sales, installation, maintenance services and repairs of generators of various power ratings both open and soundproof. We are major dealer to Cummins West Africa Ltd, as well as reliable importer of Perkins power generators. Our engineering crews are capable, dependable and available to promptly respond to your needs.

1 Supply and Installation of Generators

  • Installation of diesel generators nation wide
  • Services include : servicing, repair, and complete engine overhauling
  • Supply of spare- parts for generators.
  • Importation of Perkins engine generators.
  • Major dealer to Cummins West Africa Ltd.


GLOPOT POWER is skillful in the handling of the practical detail of small or large enterprise organizations and operations. Some of our logistic activities include the transportation of goods and equipment from one place to another, consultancy services on power projects.


We are capable to examine thoroughly based on 1st class experience, the state of generators, transformers and other electrical equipment with a view to completely repair and restore such equipment back to the original optimum condition at affordable cost using reliable and durable parts.


GLOPOT POWER is versatile in the management of the purchase of generators, transformer, electrical equipments and goods making sure that genuine, reliable, maintainable and serviceable ones are purchase at a cheaper amount and in a timely manner.


GLOPOT POWER has comprehensive information on where, when and how the best goods and services could be gotten. We also ensure viable connectivity with reputable engineering and other corporate organizations to deliver firsthand document and initiatives that would enhance and actualize your dream


Specialized in sales, installation, maintenance services and repair of distribution transformers of various power rating with reliable and efficient voltage regulation

  • Supply and Maintenance of Electrical Equipment
  • Supply and maintenance of transformers
  • Both low and high voltage switch- gear
  • Chargers and alkaline batteries
  • Relay calibration and maintenance
  • Energy analysis (Determination of P.F. etc)
  • Testing & assembly of electrical equipment
  • Network design
  • Electrical projects supervision
  • Feasibility studies and professional advice
  • Liaising with PHCN to solve your distribution problems/ customer’s problem.
  • Assembly of Electrical Equipment and Apparatus.
  • H.V. switch-gear for distribution voltages ranging from 415V-33KV.
  • Transformer of varying capacities
  • Capacitors Bank
  • Overhead and underground lines construction from 415KV-33KV
  • L.V. panel assembly
  • Supply and Installation of Power Capacitors.
  • Determining the actual KVAR requirement and other six power supply parameters including P.F, KVA, KW, A, V, by using Energy Analyzer.
  • Supply and installation of the required KVAR bank with a minimum of two (2) years guarantee.
  • Determine the probable pay back period, based on-line measured data.

We are importers of transformers with a lot of experience in the supply and installation and maintenance of transformers.
Our Technical Crew is made up of seasoned engineers and highly skilled technicians who have over the years won good- will and reputation for the company through unbeatable record of unique and outstanding services offered to our numerous customers. .
Our network of customer spring from the Banking industry, Manufacturing Industry and Multi-national Corporations.